Terms & Policies

Fees and Tuition


Tuition fees cover the cost of instruction, studio usage and in-studio instructional resources.  Tuition fees are set based on a prorated system which takes into consideration instructor fees, number of sessions per month, and length of sessions.  Tuition fees are due monthly, and take into account all scheduled lessons for the month. No refunds will be issued for missed sessions, nor will they be deducted from the monthly tuition fees. This is standard practice across all major reputable studios nationally.

Trial Lessons

We offer trial lessons where you can get a taste of our teachers before enrolling for a full term.  These are paid trials at the prevailing teacher session rates.  Trials are to be paid prior to the lesson.  We do not offer free trials at Flamingo Music & Arts Centre.  Trials also include testing our potential new teachers.

Tuition Rate Change

Effective January 1, 2018, a new per-lesson rate structure applies to all registrants.  The rate is based on teacher, and ranges between $21 per half hour to $26 per half hour session.  Please refer to your online portal, or to your year calendar to verify your new rate.  Our rates, even with the increase, are still among the most economic in the entirety of Calgary.

Centre Membership

As a non-profit organization, we operate under a membership-style platform. Our services and resources are provided exclusively to our supporting membership.  Membership dues are annual, and have a cost of $10.00 per year.  This will be billed with the first month of lessons and is non-refundable.  

Membership with the centre enables families and individuals to have a say and vote at the Annual General Meeting, as well as any other meetings where the input of the general membership is sought, additional benefits include lounge access, free loaning library, and newsletter access.  Membership shows your support for our mission, and helps us grow as a community organization.

Payment Options and Terms

All accounts must have a valid credit card on file, or post-dated cheques dated for the 1st day of the month.  Special terms and/or conditions may apply only to those receiving funding or subsidy from governement or charitable entities.  Non-payment, or late payments may result in suspension of lessons, and forwarding of account to a credit collection agency.

Payment Methods

Credit Card (AutoPay)
Payments will be automatically charged on the 1st day of the month on a recurring basis until four weeks after resignation notice is given.  Removing credit card on file may result in outstanding accounts being forwarded to credit collection agencies.  Valid credit cards include:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express.  We use high security PCI compliance merchants to process and safeguard your information.

Electronic Funds Tranfer (EFT)
Payments may also be remitted via INTERAC eTransfer or similar electronic funds transfer platforms, including Western Union.  All EFT's must be in our inbox by the 1st day of the month or prior.

Email to payments@flamingomusic.ca 
Please use security answer:  Mushu2018

Returning members, please update your security question.

Made out to Flamingo Music and Arts. There is a $25.00 NSF fee for returned cheques. In the event of non-payment, the credit card on file will be charged. After two NSF instances, a credit card wil be required on file, and/or pre-payment for 2 months required.

Payments will be received provided a valid credit card is registered on file, along with aa signed authorization to charge in the event of non-payment or late payment. Please note that we do not carry change in the office.  You are encouraged to donate your change to the centre!

Fundraising Credits
You can pay for your invoice using fundraising profit.  Credit will be applied to the month following that in which the fundraiser took place/paid out in.  Example:  If the fundraiser paid out in January, the credit will be applied to the February invoice.

Payment Arrangements 
If you are having financial difficulties, please contact our Executive Director in confidence.  We would be happy to work together on a payment plan that works for both parties mutually.

Challena Zellick
Executive Director

All communications regarding finances are confidential.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

24 hours notice is required in the case of absence.  All rebooking should be done directly through the online portal as available. If less than 24 hours notice is given, no make-ups will be issued or owed, and lesson is considered forfeited.  Account will still be charged for that missed session, as the instructors are on a 24-hour notice contract and must get compensated.  Please do not contact your instructor directly to re-schedule.  All scheduling must be done through the portal, or by calling the studio.

In the event of and Instructor Absence, a substitute will be arranged, and no irregularity to the lesson schedule will occur.  In the event of the instructor needing to cancel a lesson due to an emergency, a make-up day, or additional sessions will be opened in the online portal.  Instructor will make all necessary arranegemnts to make-up the session within 30 days or less, unless otherwise authorized by both parties.

Under exceptional circumstances, including medical emergencies, where 24-hours notice may not be feasible, please contact our Executive Director as soon as possible to discuss options.  Scheduling conflicts, such as: school performances, recitals, or family gatherings or vacations do not constitute an emergency or exceptional circumstance.



To permanently end lessons, we require written notice via email or online cancellation form. We also require four weeks of notice as stated in the bylaws of the Flamingo Music and Arts Centre.  Payment will still be processed for those four weeks from the moment of notice to the date of the last lesson. There are no exceptions to this bylaw.

Changes from one class to another, or one instructor to another, will be accomodated. However, we require the same notice of four weeks. This ensures a smooth transition, and ample time to notify the instructors affected.

We are committed to advocating the importance of arts and music education the and benefits to the community. Therefore the Centre reserves the right to terminate lessons of students who do not fall in line with the mission, vision, and purpose of the Centre. Formal notice will be issued in writing and  refund given for any outstanding lessons of the month. All cheques will be returned or shredded and no refund will be given for lessons given prior to termination.

Other Policies and Terms

Please refer to our online calendar or the printed calendar you received at the start of lessons for the list of closures and holidays. In the event of a discrepancy the online portal calendar shall be taken as correct.

In the interest of promoting the Centre's mission, vision, and purpose to the community, photos and/or videos are taken and/or recorded at recitals, events, fundraisers, as well as in the Centre. These may be posted to our Centre Facebook page, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media. These are posted without names by default. If you would like to opt out please provide us with written notice indicating your wishes.

All our members can take advantage of our lending library free of charge.  Members and/or students are responsible for the cost or repairs and replacement of lost items.  Damages or replacement costs will be billed to the following month.

Parents and/or legal guardians are always welcome to be present during their child's lessons.  We simply ask that you do not interfere, or disrupt lessons in any way while observing the lesson.