Our Team

Meet our Artistic Team

We are fortunate to have a diverse, and well-rounded team of instructors at the Flamingo Music & Arts Centre. Our instructors are caring, highly knowledgeable, and most importantly, fully support our mission and vision, and are key in helping us make music and arts accessible to our community.

Challena Zellick

Challena Zellick

Piano (RCM) | Theory | Flute | Clarinet | Saxophone | Guitar | Bass Guitar | Special Needs Music | Early Childhood Music

Challena has extensive experience in teaching, performing, and working within the community. She has performed in smaller community bands and spent several years in church music & music ministry. Challena also works part time as a DJ and cosplayer for various parties and events, particularly children's events, in her free time. Challena is currently completing Grade 10 RCM Piano.  Challena has over 11 years teaching experience, and is a published composer & arranger of music.

      Visit Challena's Composer Page - bookmark and check back - new works available often!

JD GorospeJeremy "JD" Gorospe

Piano (RCM) | Theory | Trumpet | Special Needs Music 

Jeremy has been playing and studying music from an early age. Jeremy has extensive experience in music and performance. During his high school years, he performed with his band and choir on music tours in Lethbridge, Orlando, and Amsterdam, resulting in multiple awards and trophies. Jeremy is currently studying music composition and arranging through the Berklee College of Music. Previously he performed with 2 University of Calgary ensembels and is an active worship leader.

In his free time, JD has many interests and hobbies including Pokemon, League of Legends, church activities, K Pop music, food, and Snapchat/Instagram. JD is also a baritone singer of the national vocal group "Entract".


Jared TailfeathersJared Tailfeathers

Art Programs | Guitar | Bass Guitar | Drums | Banjo | Mandolin |  Special Needs Music & Art

Jared is a multi-media performance/interactive Installation based Blackfoot artist. My focus as an artist is to bridge the gap between the arts and culture, making work that is designed for large conceptual and multi-media communication and collaboration, including; Music, visual arts, light, performance, luthier, architecture, structure framing, 2D/3D, metal smithing, narrative, etc. I am most well known for making one of a kind musical instruments, musical installations and narrative based conceptual projects. As well as my strictly fine art work, i am a multi-instrumentalist with over 15 years of experience as a musician. I build one of a kind musical instruments, and use them in interactive projects, but i also build and design working instruments for private collectors, patrons and musicians. 

As an artist it is important for me to build work that encourages interaction and collaboration between artists and the general public. Providing tools and media for people who may not have opportunities to express themselves creatively, and making a public setting for creative output. I rarely do shows by myself, and go out of my way to do collaborative projects with my art Collective "The Tens Only Collective" or just "Tens Only", which includes multidisciplinary artists of all practices and medium.

Kennedy Knight

Beginner Piano | Guitar | Special Needs Music 

Kennedy has studied Guitar, Voice, Violin, Piano & Theory. She is continuing her studies in Guitar and Music Theory while attending the University of Calgary. Kennedy has extensive performance experience including performing at the Calgary Performing Arts Festival as well as travelling to perform in various cities internationally as a percussionist with the Crescent Heights High School Band. Kennedy has many years of experience with students who have various special needs including autism, dyslexia, and other learning or behavioral challenges. She is currently studying at University of Calgary to become a speech pathologist and believes music is one way to open doors for her students.  Kennedy has many diverse hobbies including drawing, reading, writing, and spending time with her cats.

Reihan Karimuddin

Piano | Music Theory 

Reihan began piano at the age of 6. She has distinguished herself by performing piano in school assemblies as an elementary student, played along with the choir in Junior High, and studying band while accompanying choir at Forest Lawn High. Reihan has taken both first and second prize in the Piano Competition at United Conservatory of Music. Reihan is attending University of Calgary as of September 2017.  Reihan's hobbies include other musical instruments such as bass & guitar, spending time with friends, and spending time with family. 

Stewart Evans


Stewart has been playing violin since he was seven years old.  Born and raised in Calgary, he has been active in music starting as a pre-teen member of the string group VIVA!, then as a member of several orchestras and bands (including being an "oboe" for a brass band).  After High School, Stewart moved to Regina for his Bachelor's Degree in Film and Video Production (his other artist venture aside from music) and was an active member of the University of Regina Orchestra.  He has a passion for all genres of music, thinks that playing violin should be fun, and works toward making playing the violin a positive and learning experience for each student. Stewart is well versed in most violin and fiddle techniques and genres, and can be heard teaching jigs, folk songs, popular songs and classical pieces. His students regularly excel in playing and performing.  Stewart's free time is spent with friends, game groups, and various ensembles and artistic projects.

Nick TurnbullNick Turnbull

Piano (RCM) | Theory | Flute | Clarinet | Saxophone | All Brass | Voice | Special Needs Music | Composition

Nick is a prolific composer and choir leader from Calgary, Canada.  Born in Colombia, he began his music career at a very young age, singing and playing multiple instruments, from there he began exploring composition and has since written works for various events and mediums including live shows, film/television, concert bands, choirs, international festivals and sporting events, etc.  His music can be heard and purchased worldwide.  He studied music at the University of Calgary where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Music.  Nick has been accepted to the Berklee School of Music where he plans to further his knowledge of music business, and composition.  As a conductor and clinician, Nick is actively sought throughout Canada and has conducted workshops and adjudicated band, voice, and choral festivals throughout North America and South America.  He is the founder of the ArtsConnex Foundation, where he currently serves as the National Executive Director.  He is also the founder of Calgary-based music publishing company, NorthStrong Music, which specializes in Canadian choral, jazz, orchestral and band music.  If he can find spare time, Nick loves to be outdoors, travel for leisure and to be in airplanes and travelling the world.

Dillan Schmitz

Piano (RCM) | Theory | Percussion | Drums

Dillan has been studying music since 2004. Having started out his music career with 4 years in the marching band community, with whom he has had the privilege of touring places like Brazil, Japan, Germany, England etc… as well as won world championships. He began music studies at the university of Calgary in 2015 and has been instructed in percussion under Dr. Rod T Squance and is currently Studying under Professor Allan Bell of the National Music Centre for Theory. Currently he is playing for the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra, the UofC Wind ensemble, UofC Orchestra, and numerous local pop bands as a keyboardist. Outside of classical music Dillan is currently involved In Electronic and Popular music production.  Dillan’s hobbies include Fitness, Video games and Writing/arranging music.