Our Mission

Our diverse and engaging team, along with a strong community mission, helps us offer a wide variety of musical instruments  and art classes. We embrace all styles of music, and lessons are designed around student's interests, goals, and skill level - whether a brand new beginner, or a more advanced player. Homeschool, Special Needs, and ESL are all welcome. 

We are looking forward to helping you in  your music life, whether for yourself or your children... We believe music has the power to impact the heart and soul and change destiny. Make Music, Make a difference!

As a non-profit organization, our focus is community.  We strive to provide a safe environment to create music, art, and develop social and developmental skills.  We work with persons of all walks of life... From special needs students with autism, down syndrome, attention and mental disorders, to adults, and new comers to Canada looking to develop artistically while developing linguistic skills.  We also provide low rates, and scholarships to ensure accessibility to our resources.

Our Mission
Building strong communities and creating opportunities through the arts.

Our Vision
Accessible and integrated music and arts centres Alberta wide.

Our Purpose
To Provide affordable and accessible music and fine arts programs for all regardless of ability or experience.
To provide mentoring, volunteer, leadership and work opportunities for the community.
To share and promote citizenship through community arts initiatives.
To provide special needs separate and integrated classes.
To provide options and accessibility for persons and families of low income.
To advance, promote and advocate for cultural diversity.
To provide a multi-lingual environment for our membership.
To provide a co-operative environment between teachers of different disciplines.
To provide a safe environment for artistic expression.